Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tasty Run 5K

I thought the donut run in January was great but never could I imagine a run with 5 food stops on the course. Christy and I headed in to Dallas early so we could have time to check things out. This is the first year for this race to coincide with The Taste of Addison. There were 1200 runners signed up to run.
The horn blew and we were off, first stop was Le Madeline handing out chocolate croissants, now you know I wasn't going to pass that up even if it was crowded. Oh it tasted so good! Next was Ganghis Kahan, again there were lots of runners at this stop and we decided to pass. Now we were at the huge hill and at the top was fresh lemonade, no let's pass. Down the hill and turn to go back and up ahead they were giving out cookies, oh yes we'll stop here. I grabbed an oatmeal and loved it. Last food stop was On The Border with burritos, we passed on that stop. Back to finish and then it was time for more food and beer if you wanted.
I took first place in my age group and got a spork on a lanyard. Will be using it tonight when my husband and I go to The Taste of Addison. Also our bibs are our entry into the taste.

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