Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sheila from one persons journey through a world of books gave me this award this week. Thanks Sheila. I am suppose to write ten honest things about me.

1. I love to read, mostly fiction and cookbooks.
2. I love to bake especially at the holidays.
3. Honestly I like to run but sometimes I don't love it.
4. I only knew my husband for 3 months before we got married yet we've been together for 44 years.
5. I have a nursing degree but I've never been a nurse but it sure came in handy with 4 kids.
6. I been to all but 4 states in the U.S. Can you guess which 4 I haven't been to.
7. I've been to over 10 countries.
8. I'm a shoeaholic and just picked up 12 pair this week.
9. I love chocolate and have been known to stash it in my underwear drawer. But it has to be good chocolate I'm a chocolate snob.
10. I make the best sticky buns ever according to my family.


Jenny said...

Oh yes, #10...can I have some of those when i come in December? :)

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

These are great! I love #4 and #5! Oh and as for #9, me too! It has to be excellent chocolate :)

Amy said...

#6: South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota???

Cindy said...

You got three out of four.