Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hot enough to cook an egg on the pavement!

I was up early and headed out before 6 am. The temperature was at 81 and we will hit the 100's today. Lucky for me there was a wee breeze so it didn't seem too bad.
My legs were really sore from yesterday so I did more walking than running but managed to get the miles I needed.

Friday, July 30, 2010


The doctor called yesterday afternoon and gave us the good news, all the tissue removed and lymph nodes were benign. The cancer was contained only in the prostate. I want to thank everyone for all their good thoughts and prayers they sent our way, it meant a lot.

My goal each month is to run 50 miles and this morning I had 8.22 left for this month so before boot camp I went out and ran 4.25 plus the mile at boot camp leaves me with under 4 to run tomorrow. I was worried I might not get there but I did.

Boot camp was nine circuit's, ten reps each for 4 times.
Here's what we did:
dumbbell squats with shoulder press
frog jumps
dumbbell reverse lunges- 10 on each leg
push ups
scissor jumps
leg press
leg extensions
lying leg curls
butt lifts with 20lb weight on abs

Tomorrow I'll finish up the miles for the month and then Sunday I'll take off.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I was up early enough to get out and run before the sun came up. Grabbed my Garmin and went to turn it on, oops battery low. So I put it in the charger and figured I'd just do the same trail Katy and I did. Grabbed my ipod and went out through the garage. Raised the key pad on the garage to put the door down, oops battery no good. I put the ear buds in and turned on the ipod, oops a voice said low battery. Luckily the ipod lasted about half way through my run before it died.
Even with all the little glitches I had a great run and sometimes it is kind of freeing to not have to worry about pace or time or miles.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Feeling blue, had to take Riley and Katy to the airport. It was so great having them here when my husband was going through surgery. Riley knows her way around a kitchen and made me some awesome sandwiches for lunch when I was too stressed to think of what to eat.
Katy kept the laughter coming along with the support of getting through this stressful time. They always say laughter is the best medicine.

This morning we were up early and she got us outside to run at 6:15, I probably would have sat and had more coffee. The run felt great, the temperature was at 74 and the sun wasn't up yet. We stayed on the trails and finished with 4.50 miles. After we got home she and Riley got in the pool and swam for an hour.

Monday, July 26, 2010


It's Monday and that means boot camp. I invited Katy to join me in an hour of fun and fitness. She was a good sport and came along not knowing what she was getting into. We did the mile warm up out side and thank goodness we got to go inside for the weights. There were 5 stations that we were to do ten reps on for 4 times then we got mats and did more plus before the circuits we had to do the push up with the medicine ball.
I was really impressed because on the chest press she had 70lbs total to press. I guess all her working out to Rachael Cosgrove's The Female body Break Through has made her tough.
It felt really great to be back in the gym, helps relieve the stress.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yesterday was a long but productive day. Surgery lasted for about 4 hours- the procedure was more extensive than expected. Everything that was removed was sent for biopsy and we should get results in about a week when we see the doctor.
The only glitch of the day was that the TV in my husbands room wasn't airing the Rangers game. He was not happy about that! Even though he was groggy and wouldn't have remembered watching it, he wanted it on.
Everyone is happy today, he came home and the Rangers are on TV tonight.
Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This has been one stressful week and it seems like I have spent more time at the pharmacy picking up medication for me or my husband then I've spent at the gym.
Monday seems so far away but I did manage to get to boot camp. We were doing upper body. Shayla had us doing an interesting push up using a medicine ball. Great for the core.
Tuesday I had to have oral surgery which required stitches, too bad it's not Halloween I'd look great. Tooth is doing better but still having slight pain.
This evening my daughter and granddaughter arrive from Atlanta. Looking forward to their visit.
Tomorrow my husband goes in the hospital for prostate surgery. He has a very aggressive cancer and we are hoping it hasn't spread. Both cat scan and bone scan showed no signs. He has lots of people praying for him and wishing him well. Keep the good thoughts coming.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I decided not to run this morning and instead my husband and I played volleyball in the pool. I figure this is a pretty good workout with all the jumping and swimming to retrieve the ball.

Later in the day I went to the gym with Christy. She did the treadmill while I used the elliptical and the bike. This was much easier on my leg than running. When we finished I suggested that we go down and do some abs. It was nice to be in an air conditioned gym instead of out side in the hot Texas sun.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Left the house at 6:30, the temperature was a cool 78 with a slight breeze. I wanted to run more than I did but am still having soreness in my left leg. I was taking the same route I always seem to go on the trails. Stopped at the misting fountains to cool off and then continued on. As I was starting up a hill I noticed this odd bug making it's way across the sidewalk. I've never seen one like that before.

After researching about this bug, the cottonwood borer, I should have stepped on him. They destroy trees.

Finished with 4.85 miles on the Garmin.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


This morning at eleven I had a hair appointment for color and cut so I knew I would have to go out and run early. That wasn't a problem since I woke at 4 am (didn't get up) and watched the news because at that hour your choices are news or infomercials. Finally around 5:30 when I realized I couldn't get back to sleep I got up and had some coffee and banana with peanut butter.
Now I was fed and ready to great the day! The running gods were being nice at this early hour of 6:30. There was a great breeze even though the temperature was in the 80's, but we are going into the 100's today so why wouldn't it be hot at that early of an hour.
My leg was still sore but I was able to run more than yesterday and the trails were not crowded which also was nice. I even used the mister at the water stop to help me cool off. I did 4.75 miles this morning.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today I had a doctors appointment and wasn't going to be able to attend boot camp so I wanted to make sure I did a run. I left the house around 7 am with the temperature at 83 and a nice breeze blowing. I was going to stay on the trails and try to get at least 4 miles in.

First thing to go wrong is when I start to run my left leg in the back is just killing me. This is not going to work, I try again and still it hurts. Okay, I'll walk that is better than nothing.

I'm minding my own business and staying over on the rights side of the trail so there is plenty of room for people to pass when SWOOSH, about 5 guys from the cross country team go flying past me close enough that we could have touched. It wasn't long after they passed that 2 girls from the team came sailing past just as close as the boys were. Come on people there is plenty of room on the path .
I reached the half way mark and then turned to head back and can you believe it a man and his daughter on bikes just about knock me off the path. WTF! Do I have a target on my back? I was never so glad to get home and off those trails. Did total of 4.25 miles.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Last week the gang from Florida was here and we were busy, busy busy. Too busy for me to go to boot camp. So I skipped two sessions. This morning I returned, hoping it wouldn't be too hard of a work out. Of course we had to run our mile warm up outside in 86 degree temperatures but then we were inside for an upper body work out. There were four stations and we were to do 10 reps at each for five times. Here's what we did.

Squat with shoulder press using 45 lb bar
lat pull down with 60 pounds
chest presses
leg lifts

After we did a nice stretch.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yesterday Jenny had 9 miles on her schedule and was planning on getting up at 5am and going out to run. I said I'd also go so we would have our runs done before we met my friend for coffee. I let her know where there were fountains for water and she started out with me behind her. I quickly lost sight of her and continued on my own course. I was surprised to see so many people out with the sun not even up.
I made it down to the end of the trail and then turned to head home. the sun was just starting to come up. I ended up with 4.4 miles- nice getting it out of the way early!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Oh what did I do yesterday? I made chocolate chip cookies. I love then fresh and warm from the oven and I also love them before they go in the oven. Big mistake, they tasted so good.
So because of this I made sure I was at boot camp today.
I did my mile warm up and then headed inside. Today there were 4 of us and we were doing something new. For 10 minutes we were to do 5 reverse lunges on each leg and 10 squats. We kept repeating until time was up. Next was 10 plie squats with a weight and 10 roll ups. Again it was for 10 minutes. Last was wall squats holding a ball above our heads and calf raises. These were a minute each times 3.
I hope I worked off those cookies!