Thursday, January 31, 2008

Clowing Around

I just looked at my blog this morning and realized I haven't written since Sunday. It's not that I haven't worked out. Monday I trained with Shayla and she had me doing triceps and biceps. I was a little sore after but I have not done any weights for over a week. Today I was back at the gym for a leg work out and then I did 2 miles o the treadmill ( I hate the treadmill) for 30 minutes. I guess I blew off Wed and Thurs. I have no good excuse except that it has been extremely windy and cold here. Does that count?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Like a ship at sea...

Today was the first time I've gone out to run since I have been home. Katy and I promised each other we would run today. I sat around the house all morning with my running clothes on and finally decided to get to the gym but when I put the garage door up it was warmer out than I thought so I changed plans and ran outside. It really felt good to be out on the trails. Like a ship at sea I am setting my course for the next race.

Miles ran 2:46
Time 35:31

Friday, January 25, 2008


I have been taking too much time off from working out. Today I was to have a training session with Shayla but she called last night and cancelled. I could have gone up to the gym on my own but it was cold (very cold) and I was enjoying the warm fire. Life has been a beach but enough. it's time to get off my butt and back to the gym and my work out routine. And to tell the truth I do miss running.

Tomorrow is the big birthday and my new start at training for the ING and getting back to the gym. So I'll have my piece of cake and workout too !

Monday, January 21, 2008

Still Hard To Believe!

It is still hard to believe that I actually did the Disney Race, even though I have been home for a week. Today I went up to the gym for a light workout. I did a set for each muscle group with weights and then I hit the treadmill. I must say I was a bit nervous about running again. What if I would have trouble, what if I had no stamina. To my amazement it is like falling off a bike, you just get back on a run!
Now I am starting on training for the ING in Atlanta this March. I know the mistakes I made and how to correct them, more fuel before the race. Hopefully I will have a better time than 3:27:10.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Race Day

We came. we ran ( some of us walked) and we got our medals. It was one of my best experiences and to do it with my four daughters made it even more special. Something I will remember for ever (unless I get Alzheimers). We were up before dawn and leaving our rooms to get the bus at 3:30 am. I didn't feel nervous, It was still hard to believe that I was really doing this. We got to Epcot and had to wait in a holding area and then later move to the corrals and wait some more. I was feeling a bit hungry at this time and had a bite of my Balance bar ( should have eaten the whole thing). Finally the fireworks started and the race began. We wished everyone luck and said we'd meet at the finish line. I t was a slow start we had to walk a bit to get away from the crowds and get some room Katy, Christy and I were staying together. I was doing great until mile six and then I lost all energy and felt sick. I was thinking about dropping out but Katy and Christy kept me going. We stopped at a Medic tent and I got some Tylenol and water and rested for a few minutes. They took my race number at the tent and I was on my way again. I was taking water at every stop and trying to stay hydrated. I felt bad that I was keeping Christy and Katy from running and having a good time, what troupers they were to stick with me and help me finish. Even as we walked we were still passing other people. It was encouraging to hear people yelling your name and cheering you on, I must have looked pretty bad because mine was being called quite a bit. Finally the overpass was in view and I knew we didn't have far to go. Katy and Christy were right in front of me , pump those arms the would say. Into Epcot , not far to go. I started to tear up happy that we finally made it. We stopped right before the finish line so Katy could have her picture with Pluto and also with Chip and Dale. We crossed the line at 3:27! as soon as we crossed there stood a man with a wheelchair headed straight for me. What we said. I told him I didn't need to go to the medic tent so he let us go on after promising to get me food. The big moment came they hung the medal around my neck and I felt so proud and had so much love for my daughters that we were able to do this and live this dream. We found Amy and Jenny and got on the bus and headed back to the hotel for some rest and food and to get out of our yucky clothes. Later that evening we went to dinner at the top of the Contemporary Hotel wearing our medals. And finally we got to go to bed and didn't have to set the alarm for 3 am.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I had a training session with Shayla this morning and we worked on biceps and shoulders. It was good to go the the gym, I missed on Monday because I have been sick. I'm hoping by Saturday I will be back to my old self. No matter what I am running the race.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Sunday is the long run day. I had 10 miles to do. I woke up sick with a sore throat and stuffy. Allie reminded me I needed to be drinking tea instead of coffee so I switched and she was right it did help, but I still felt lousy. I was leaning to not going out only because I felt bad but knew that I would disappoint some people. Christy came down ready to go so I changed into my running skirt and ate a bite and we set off. Our only plan was not to turn off the watch if we stopped at all. The wind was blowing right at us which made it difficult and the heat was starting to get to me. But let me tell you we kept on and ran/walked our asses off. We finished up at 10 miles in 2 hours and 39 minutes.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


We are too close to the race to ease up now.Only 9 days and then all our hard work will pay off. I went to the gym because it was too darn cold to run outside. I did 3.50 miles on the treadmill and when I got home my blister had flared up. I'm hoping it will be healed for the race. Tomorrow I will train with Shayla and then I work at the shoe store. I must remember to get some Oxyflex ointment for any aches and pains we may have after the race.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Spaghetti Legs

I had a training session today at 10 a.m. and we worked on legs. Oh my gosh, they feel like limp spaghetti. I noticed as I hobbled out of the gym that I would save my run for later today. Shayla gave me a good work out because she knew the race is only 10 days away, yikes!