Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This cool weather makes me want to bake. I had a recipe for Starbuck's gingerbread loaf and just couldn't resist making it. The aroma filled the house with a wonderful smell. Finally the cake was finished and I waited patiently for it to cool so I could sample a piece. Yum, was it good. I wrapped two slices to take to coffee on Tuesday.
After enjoying my cake I definitely needed to get to boot camp today. We were inside and working on total body. Here's what we did:
Squats holding 30 lb weight 20 reps
chest press with 45 lb bar 15 reps
walking lunges with 10lb weights doing bicep curl and row
push ups 10 reps
abs 20 reps

We did this 5 times.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh I just love the weather we are having. It was a cool 55 this morning when i headed for boot camp. We were working out side and who could complain on a morning like this. Dragging the weighted sleds seemed so much easier in the cool weather although by the time we were finished we were breaking a sweat. Besides the sleds we had to do lunges, runs, squats with weights, abs and push ups.
I have been having a twinge of pain in my right knee that bothers me when I run, hopefully it will be better by Saturday for my race. Christy and I will be doing the Vineyard Run.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


A cold front came through last night and it finally feels like Fall. When i first went out to run I had some goose bumps but didn't go back in for a jacket, I remember how fast I warm up. Hit the trails and headed for the park, started around the pond and noticed that all the ducks were on the grass with their heads tucked under their wings. Maybe it's the cool weather they're not use too.
This cooler temperature sure makes it nice for running. Everything seemed easier, I carried my new water bottle and took along a gel. Finished with 6.76 on my Garmin.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Don't you love being surprised! Yesterday I received in the mail the Nathan handheld 22 ounce water bottle that also has a zippered pocket. A surprise from my daughter jenny. She has been hearing how I always carry a water bottle with me and thought this would work better

This morning I filled it up and stuck a GU in the pocket and went for my run. At first it seemed awkward. One reason was it holds more water than my Ozarka bottle. Once I got going it was nice to have, I didn't have to grip as hard and the water stayed a bit cooler. The grip around my hand was comfortable and there is a strap that can be tightened for more security .
I had a nice run of 6.46 miles and a really nice water bottle to carry.
Thanks Jenny.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yes we're trading watermelons for pumpkins, tomorrow is the first day of Fall. I can't wait, it means hopefully cooler weather which is great for running.
This morning was boot camp and my day for getting measured. My numbers were good but I was hoping for better results.
Heidi was leading our class of two today. She had 7 circuits that we were doing for a minute for 3 times. This was an all body workout and i am feeling it now. I think the hardest one is the jump rope. I have yet to master it and it seems I am always stepping on the rope today was no exception.
When we started Heidi said she had just turned on the air and it would be cooling down. I was doing lunges with bicep curls and getting really warm. Was I really working that hard? On to the next circuit, squats holding a 20 lb bar and I'm still really hot. Finally I ask " Are you sure you didn't put the heat on?" She went to check and came back laughing, she had put it on heat instead of cool.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


As I mentioned before I signed up for a chance to win $500.00 at my gym. I selected the physical Meet Your Goal challenge and was looking forward to the first task. Would it be push ups, sit ups or chin ups? This weekend the first goal arrived on my computor. Do a food plan followed by a food journal. It has to be turned in on Mondays . The next week we have to turn in a food journal on what we actually ate and a new food plan. Each plan we turn in our name is submitted into the drawing.
My first reaction was this was not what I signed up for. I wanted a challenge. Give me box jumps not a food plan. We were given some habits to follow such as the following:
Eat every 1-2 hours Eat complete,
Eat vegetables with each meal.
Eat healthy fat daily.
Don't drink beverages with more than 0 calories.
Eat whole foods instead of supplements whenever possible.
Eat as wide a variety of good foods as possible.
Plan to break the rules 10% of the time.
Eat complete, lean protein with each meal.

I sat down and started to figure out my meals for the week. At first it seemed very daunting but then I got the swing of it and finally after a few hours completed my week. I must say it has made this week easy for me when it comes to eating. I just look at my list, sometimes I may switch things out and that's okay but I have an idea of what I'll be eating.

Monday was boot camp and I voiced how I was disappointed about the task but that I got it done. She said this is the hardest thing for everyone but the most important thing to help you in your success.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This morning I decided to change my route from the trails to the road. I headed down the road and had just gotten past the municipal buildings when something caught my eye. I stopped and looked across the road and there behind a small bush I saw some movement. Was it a coyote, a dog or a baby deer, I didn't know. I stopped and slowly crossed over to get a better view. What was it! As I crossed the little animal came out from behind the bush and i realized it was a baby goat. I watched him, he watched me. I moved closer and he moved farther away. It was outside the fence but I could see no opening to get it back in. Not wanting to scare it and have it dart to the road I turned and went back the way I had come. I continued on my run and near the end came back to the gravel path that I had seen the goat on. I stopped to see if he was still there and was happy to find him safely behind the fence.

Friday, September 17, 2010


This has been a busy week or maybe it's trying to get back into everything.
Monday was boot camp outside in the heat. I thought I'd die. The sweat was just a dripping off.
Tuesday was coffee with my friend and then I came home and went out for a run because it was the first training day for my half I'm doing in November. Big mistake it was to hot when I went out, I felt like i was melting.
Wednesday was a trip to the dentist, I am still having issues with my teeth that I had the surgery on this summer.
Thursday night was yoga class. This was the second class and it seemed to go a bit easier but again it was so warm. Is it suppose to be that way?
Friday, boot camp outside. We were dragging metal sleds with 45 pounds on them, doing sprints, lunges and abs. I keep hoping this hot weather will go away. Isn't it suppose to be Fall now?
I signed up for a contest the gym is having. They will set certain goals for you to meet and when they are met your name goes in for a drawing to win $500. It cost $30. to join but I love a challenge so hopefully I will quickly get through all the goals and get lots of entries in the drawing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday Christy and I did the Roof Dog Run in Plano. This was a race that I had done two years ago with Allie. The proceeds go to build orphanages in Peru. The weather was very humid and the temperature was in the 80's at the start. As I lined up I spotted my competition, the woman who always beats me. There were lots of runners with dogs of all sizes doing the race. I did well the first mile but then the heat and humidity got to me and I found myself taking more walking breaks than I usually do. When I neared mile two there was this woman with a big, furry, black dog. I noticed the dog was really panting and did not want to get up. The woman was talking with another lady, I thought they were together. I stopped and said I had water and would it be alright to give some to the dog, who could of used it. Oh, I have water for him she replied and so I continued on and the lady with her caught up to me and said she also had tried to give the dog water. Later I found out they sent a cart down to bring the dog back to the start and hosed him off. When I finished the race I spotted the dog and he seemed much better.
My time was around 40:xx, I was glad I stopped to help even if it cost me some time. And yes my competition beat me again, I placed second. Some day I am going to pass her by.

This morning i was up early and got out to do an easy run. It seemed just as hot and humid as yesterday. I stayed on the trails and did my best. Got 4.64 miles done.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Tonight was my first yoga class and I'm not sure I'm cut out for this. I got the downward dog pose but my tree fell over. It's all about balance. And sweat, I couldn't believe how much I was sweating. Next week we're going to learn more and I can't even remember what we learned tonight. ARGH !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So yesterday i went to boot camp which was all the classes combined because it was a holiday. We ran our mile to warm up and then hauled weights outside where Shayla had a circuit set up. We were to do squat thrust, walking lunges, a certain distance, then sprint down and back more lunges and start again. This was to be done 5 times, I could only manage 4, between the heat and feeling hungry I faded.
After boot camp we went in to cool off and then had yoga with Heidi. Can you spot me in the picture ? This yoga is something new for me and I am a bit sore from it.

Today I can barely move and I've had a lot to do. Had to meet my friend for coffee, go to the dentist and get my hair done. Tomorrow I think I'll rest.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


A beautiful morning with the temperature around 68, seems like Fall is coming. I put on my running shorts and headed out for a run. My intention was to just go the path past the police station and turn and come back but the weather was calling and it felt good to be out so I continued on a bit longer.
Once back home I got on the computer and started checking out races in my area for next week. There were two, one was the Run Proud for Dessert and the other was the Roof Dog Run. I have done the Roof Dog before and it is for a good cause so I signed up. This will give me incentive to get out and run this week. You know how hard it can be when you're just home from vacation.

Tomorrow is boot camp plus a yoga class that I am planning to attend.You can bring someone for free so Christy is going to go with me.

It feels good to be back home and in the swing of things, running the trails, signing up for races and doing Shayla's boot camp instead of mine.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Home from vacation and back to reality, this morning it was boot camp. I was the only one for awhile and then Heidi joined in.
Today it was hamstrings, lat pull down, bicep curls and row, five sets, ten reps each. After we finished that is was 60 abs and then stretch.
Shayla told me they were having a free yoga class tonight at 6 and would I be interested. Jenny has been telling me how helpful yoga has been for her so I thought I'd give it a try. Christy was going to go with me.
The class was led by Heidi and I found it very relaxing even though there were a few things that almost had me falling over.
They are offering an eight week class for beginners on Thursday nights and one of the girls asked if I'd like to do it, I signed up!
Who knew I would do two workout classes in one day and sign up for 8 weeks of yoga.