Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I finally got the photos from the wonder girl race. That was a great day with perfect weather.

Now what have I done this week? Yesterday I met a friend up at the gym and while she was doing her workout in the pool with a trainer I grabbed a noodle and did some water running. I concentrated on pulling my foot back Like I had you know what on it. After about 30 minutes of that I went to the hot tub to help the muscles. I think it must have worked because I didn't feel as tight and sore at running class last night. After class was a different story. We did drills and I was fine with running backwards but the side runs killed me. We also had time to do the Indian drills.

This morning was the usual training day with concentration on my right leg. I am noticing it getting stronger. Today I could actually move the bar a little with 10 pounds on it. The gals who ran the race. We're
all winners !

Saturday, April 26, 2008


My coach sent out an E-mail the other day that I thought was good.I asked if he would mind if I used it on my blog. And he said I was welcome to share.

"Almost anything and everything in life can be bought or stolen. With enough money you can buy just about any experience. This is not true with running. Only you can cross the finish line, finish a mile in a set amount of time, run a 5K, finish a 1/2 marathon or even a marathon. You race against no one but yourself. The reward is primarily for you and this is one area in life that I think we can be a bit selfish. You see, you can't buy that experience and it can't be sold. It is hard to even accurately describe it but you know when it happens and it can and will forever change your life. Don't get me wrong, running will not fill every hole in our life. It will not meet your deepest needs but it can go a long ways toward fulfilling several aspects in your life that will make your life experiences more pleasurable and more meaningful." R. Turner

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cross Training

Where do I begin. Last night was really great. In spite of dark clouds looming overhead I went to running class. We had to be there early to run because of the Cooper Clinic lecture. I'm telling you I don't like this heat and I wasn't the only one complaining. Maggie get asking " what do we do in the summer?" We did manage a run, Maggie was faster but Danae and I did 2 miles.

Back at the store we all met Diane from the clinic who is a triathlete and trainer. Tonight she was speaking about cross training and how important it is. She told us how it helps train other muscles that are helpful for running and gives your running muscles a rest.

Water Running is her favorite cross train exercise. She says it works the muscles harder in less time. You should not be touching the pool bottom to get the best results. She even offered to teach a one time only class if enough people were interested.

Biking was second choice. You need to keep the foot flat and not point the toe as you pedal. When your foot is on the down pedal you want to pull it back "like you are wiping dog poop from your shoe" this uses the hamstrings. I am definitely going to try this at the gym in hopes that it will strengthen my ham.

Elliptical came in third. When you do this she says "do not hold on, have your feet flat and arms bent 90 degrees and moving froward and back but don't cross in front of your body.

Walking was also talked about and she had us go outside to learn the proper technique. You want to stand tall. hold your stomach muscles in( like you are laying on the bed pulling up the zipper on a tight pair of jeans) bend your arms at the elbows and pretend you are holding ski poles and the last was " pretend you have a $100 bill in your butt and you need to squeeze so you don't loose it" We all had to walk around the building doing this and I didn't loose my money.

I guess I have lots of new things to try out. Will let you know how I do.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Oh my gosh where has the week gone ? Tuesday night was running class and we ran in the heat and humidity. All total we did about 2.25 miles. There were only 5 of us there.

Wednesday I had training at 11 and then decide I needed to get a run in. I ran 1 mile at 13:00 pace, stopped at Kids Kastle to rest (the humidity was awful) and then ran the mile back home, pace 14:3o. I was much slower on the return. I think the heat was getting to me.

Tonight is running class and we go early to run because someone from Cooper Clinic is coming to talk. I am looking forward to this as we missed it last session because of snow.

Monday, April 21, 2008


This morning I decided to run even though I had a training session at the gym at 11 a.m.. Had I known we were going to work on legs I probably would have scratched the run. However I didn't know so off I went. It has been some time since I have run the back part of the trails and I forgot how pretty it is. Since it is that time of year, Springtime, there were lots of flowers and birds. No, not the one in the picture but I did spy a beautiful cardinal. They are one of my favorites.

The run went well. I am finding I am able to run more and walk less. This is good. I almost made it up the evil hill but think the humidity was slowing me down. All in all it was a good run.

Time 39.21 miles 2.85 best pace 9.19

Saturday, April 19, 2008

2 for 1

It was a gorgeous day for a race. The temp was a cool 58 and sunny! After three trips to the bathroom (nerves) I was ready to head to the course. I had my Spibelt with my number hanging from it, my skirt on and my knee band on, I was set to go. The plan was to meet at Run On and do a warm up, walk over to the race start and meet up with Maggie. We lined up near the back and when the horn sounded we were off. I thought Maggie and I would do 4:1 intervals but when I signaled we were at 4 minutes she said she wanted to run the whole race. I guess with long legs you can do anything. She and her friend stayed ahead of me and I opted for some walk breaks. Our running buddy from the last class came out to cheer us on, it's always nice to see a friendly face on the side lines. At the water break I had to stop to drink. I still haven't mastered drinking and running. We were at the 2 mile mark. Maggie and friend were ahead and had an awesome finish. I came in at 42 minutes and received my medal as I crossed the finish line. Time for cheers and hugs at what we had done today. And the icing on the cake was I got a second medal for being 1st in my age group ( I was the only one in that group) so ended up with 2 medals for the price of one race.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I decided not to go to running class last night because it was storming west of us and all three local channels had the weather report on telling us about baseball size hail. I thought they would cancel the class but when I called they said use your judgement(I did) and class wouldn't be canceled unless there was lighting. With all this going on I thought at my age what's going to happen if I don't go..nothing. Later I found out class was in secession and it didn't start to lightning until they were just about finished.
I did go to the gym today and it was an upper body workout with some stretching of the hamstrings thrown in. After class I had to go pick up my race packet for the wondergirl 5k. Tune in tomorrow for results.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Okay so I have always known my right side was weaker than my left. Today however I found out just how much weaker. It was one of those AHA moments that Oprah says you get. I had gone up to the gym to train with Shayla and we (she) decided that it was legs. Now I have done hamstring curls before but always using both legs at once. Today she wanted me to do one leg with the weight set at 10 pounds.First leg was the left and it was not a problem, I did 8 reps and could have done 15 easy. Now it is the right legs turn. " Okay, give me a second" I said. Damn, I couldn't move the bar. I think both our mouths were hanging open. We couldn't believe I couldn't move the bar. We settled for Shayla lifting it and then I tried to hold it up as long as I could. We did this for 8 reps. There is definitely work that needs to be done to strengthen that leg. And just think when it gets stronger I should be able to run faster.

Now I am out the door for twenty minute easy run.


Last night was my running class and there were lots of new faces. We have one guy and 6 women. This morning I realized they are all younger than me, I mean like 20 years younger. I am going to have to step it up if I want to keep up with the group. We went to the track and after warming up we started with 4/1 intervals. For the most part Maggie and I were a bit faster but near the end I could tell I was slowing down.

I really enjoy being out at night and running with other people. It helps make the time go past faster. It is a nice change from my paths I use at home.

Here is an update on my knee. It is still bothering me so I purchased the Trufit Knee strap. This seems to really help. I used it last night and experienced no pain while I was running. I will be wearing it for my race on Saturday.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Yesterday I received a E-mail from one of my running class gals asking if I would want to run on Sunday. Of course I did ! It is so much nicer having someone to run with than doing it alone.
We met at Andy Brown Park East in Coppell. There were three of us and we all said we wouldn't have run today because it was cold and windy if we hadn't made this commitment. The trails were new to me and a nice change from the ones I usually do at home. There were tons of people out with dogs and kids and runners and bikers. I couldn't believe how busy at 9 in the morning. We did a big loop around a lake and down past some woods. There were several hills and lots of curves. All in all it was a great course to run and even better because I was with friends.
We did 2.73 miles in about 40 minutes. We were going by the 4/1 interval.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I ran Sunday from Kids Kastle to my home. WE had taken the kids up to play in the evening and since I still had my workout clothes on I decided to run the 1.3 miles.I did 1/2 mile without a walk break.

Tuesday morning Jenny and I went out for a short run to Kids Kastle and back. We figured it would be good to do before our car trip to Austin. On the return I got a knee pain and we had to walk the rest of the way.

Tonight is running class but I am not going. I will run tomorrow morning before we go to the Spiral Diner(a vegetarian restaurant) and then to the zoo.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


A big hip hip hooray to the ladies who ran the iron girl 10K and 5 K this morning in Clearwater. Good job Jenny and Kathryn on your 10K and to Jodi and Mary for their 5K. Girls Rule.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Last night was the final session for my running group. We were having bad weather and I was hesitant to go but decided I would drive over and if it was rainy I would go home. It turned out to be a beautiful night and we ran the track and did some splits. My knee started to hurt so I went back to walking.
This morning it was another gym day and I opted out of doing legs so we worked on shoulders and biceps. I am hoping by Sunday I will be able
to get out and run.

The picture is the Marten Luther King Church in Atlanta.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


On our race course we passed by this amazing gargoyle so of course I had to stop and take a picture. You now how I love them.

Last night was running class and I showed up with my achy knee. I didn't run but was able to walk the track for a mile.

This morning I was at the gym to train with Shayla. "No legs" I said. We worked on the back, chest, triceps and biceps with some abs thrown in at the end, She has increased the weights again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


What a great race course ! We ran through some awesome neighborhoods.

At the start we were wearing our designer trash bags to stay warm, it was a cool 46 degrees. We got off to a good start as we ran through down town Atlanta. We made a wise choice in stopping at a Publix for a potty break instead of waiting in the lines. We were headed for the bridge and across the interstate. We did have time to stop and get our picture taken by a nice lady who was walking the race and offered to take the picture. Running down the hill and pass Ebenezer Church, turning left and pass the old 4th ward District and on to Little Five Points. And then it started a pain going around the outside of my right knee. We had to walk more but still could do some running. While Katy made a potty stop I came upon the medic tent and stopped and asked for some aspirin ( can't do a race with out a stop at the medics). We were walking more but enjoying the course, the trees were in blossom and flowers were out. Passing the Jimmy Carter Center we headed through Piedmont park and on to mile 10 where are cheering squad was. It was nice to see some familiar faces (Tom, Maddie and Riley) holding up signs for us. By the time we reached the final stretch there was no way I could run but we finished an received our medals. Our cheering team was at the finish to see us cross. We did it again, now this is suppose to be my retirement for 1/2 marathons but I've been thinking ....