Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I've been wanting to ride my bike to boot camp but the temperature has been too high. Last week I bought a helmet and then I found a Longaberger basket that would be perfect on my bike to carry my gym gear. Now I was ready, and today was the perfect chance to try the ride. The temperature was at 71 when I left the house.
I have to admit I was a bit wobbly when I started out but kept going. I'm nervous when I have to stop because when I first got this bike and went out to ride I fell and broke my ankle in three places and now have three screws in my leg.
When I walked into the gym they all cheered. I couldn't believe I'd actually did that. If I had known how hard the work out was going t be I probably would have driven.
Today was 100 Wednesday. We had to partner up and do 100 reps of the following exercises:

push ups
push down abs

We could start with any one but couldn't move on until we finished . The whole time I'm doing this I'm thinking I still have to bike home. Well, I made it through the work out and I made it home. I think the ride was around 4 miles one way.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We had a really big storm come through at 3 am, it sounded like the windows were all going to break. The hail was the size of quarters.

The patio was covered with leaves and blossoms.

This was the hail at the front door at 4 am. Yes, I was up most of the early morning. Then I had

coffee with my friend. Always enjoy this. I came home and was trying to decide if I should run or go to the gym for a class. I saw all the leaves and decided to stay home and clean up the patio and driveway. That was a real work out !

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Christy and I had done this race last year, it benefits prostate cancer. I like doing races that are for a cause. It was 83 when we left the house at 7 and there was a strong wind. My goal was not to place but just to finish. I haven't run as much as I should and I have been sick this past week.
We arrived in plenty of time to scope out the place, have to know where the porta potties are.

There seemed to be a lot more people than last year and also they changed the course from last year. Still had 4 hills but the start and finish were moved.

You might say this was the perfect race for Christy. She finished before me and we didn't stay to hear the winners. In fact we were home before 10.

I carried water on me and used it to cool off my arms, neck head and back. The wind made running up the hills hard and I decided to just walk them.

I had to wait until the results were posted on line before I got my time, 42:41. Not one of my fastest races but for the conditions I was happy. I also placed third in my age group. That was a surprise.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's official, third day to hit the 100's ! Summer is here and time to get up early to do my runs.
Boot camp was today and there were only two of us. We did my measurements and they sucked. Everything was up. I have three months to get things smaller,hopefully I can. After our warm up she had us on the treadmill doing walking with incline. It's amazing how you start to sweat even when you aren't moving very fast. I felt like it was a good work out and with a race coming up this Saturday I didn't want anything too strenuous.

Monday, June 13, 2011


This weekend I made grilled avocados with a corn tomato relish. It was outstanding! You can Google grilled avocados and a bunch of recipes will turn up.

Back to boot camp today and a new warm up to do 4 times. Here's what it is:

25 thrusters
10 weighted front squats
1 lap on the treadmill
5 front bends

We also were tested for our sit ups and push ups. This is fitness week and so on Wednesday I'll be weighed and measured, not looking forward to that.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


When I was at Amy's we ran at the park. There were big, tall trees and a lake with lots of ducks and geese and some swans. It was a beautiful setting to be running in. Now I'm home and there are no big, tall trees or a lake to run around. It is flat and the sun is always shinning on you. I went out this morning before the sun was up but by the time I was heading back the sun was out and it was getting warm, very warm. By the time I reached home I was sweating and feeling the heat. The pool looked so inviting that I jumped in with my running clothes on, did take off my shoes. Aah, relief.

Friday, June 10, 2011


While we were in Gent we went into the mustard store where they fill your jar from the big wooden keg. This was mustard similar to Dijon mustard,very spicy.

I went back to the gym today and realized that missing 7 days of boot camp took its toll on me. Everything seemed to be a struggle. I'd tell you what we did but can't even remember. We even had to go outside in 87 degree weather and run. I guess it was my welcome back.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


We had a wonderful time in Belgium. The weather was perfect except for the day we went to Gent, but that didn't stop us from having a great time. Amy and I even managed to get in 5 walks at her park.
Today I was up early so decided to take advantage of the cooler morning temperature and go for a run walk. My Garmin was not working so had to wing it with the mileage. I did 45 minutes and was very warm when I reached home. It has been really hot here and we are suppose to reach 100 this weekend.
Tomorrow is boot camp. I know it will be tough getting back after almost 2 weeks off, but gotta do it.