Sunday, May 30, 2010


Have a safe holiday and remember why we celebrate.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I decided to go for a run this morning instead of doing a yoga class. I thought leaving at 8 would still be cool enough but guess again, I was wrong. I headed up towards the park where I could get a drink of water and then continued on the trails. Usually I take water with me but for some reason I decided I didn't need to, wrong again. I reached the second fountain on the trail and not only drank but also put water on my arms and face. On I continued and it seemed to just get warmer, now I was walking the hills. I knew there was one more fountain before home so headed towards it for my last drink. Total miles for the morning 5.25

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I wanted to get a short run in today but was bored with my regular route so decided to drive to the Kastle and start from there.
Next weekend I am doing a 5K that starts at the Kastle so I thought I would try and figure out what the course might be. There are definitely going to be some hills and part of the course will be in the sun. The only thing different will be that the race starts at 8 and I was on the trails at 9.
I was doing okay until the hills, with the heat I was starting to wilt and needed to walk up some of them. It wasn't my best time but I still have a week to get ready.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We had an orange alert for air pollution today so boot camp was inside this morning, except for running our 1 mile warm up. I figured this would be great but soon found out it was just as hot inside. The air was on but hadn't really kicked in yet and we were working really hard.
There were 7 of us so Heidi set up 2 circuits of 4 exercises. We had to do 12 reps 3 times and then we switched circuits. My struggle was with the one where we hold a medicine ball rollback on our back and than forward and stand up. I can't get my butt off the floor to stand up. I guess I'll have to work on this at home.

Monday, May 24, 2010


This is another picture of our hoop class on Saturday. Everyone I talked with this morning had really enjoyed it and I think they will do it again.
This morning after our 1 mile warm up we headed over to the parking lot for a circuit of 5 exercises with 20 reps. They were the following:
crunches of your choice
push ups
squats with shoulder press
pull the sled down the length of parking spaces and back
Repeat 2 times
We also had some running thrown in at the end and then a nice stretch.
It was warm this morning but there was a nice breeze that help keep me cool. The weather here is going to hit the 90's all this week. I guess it's summer

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Learning to use the hoop.
Remember those hoola hoops we all used as a kid? Today there is hoopnotica, weighted hoops to work out with and this morning at 8 there was a class at the gym to try this. I must say I had my doubts, I can't even do it on the wii but I signed up anyways.

There were eleven of us and most of them got the hang of it right away. I was having difficulty keeping it going and was thinking maybe I would be a drop out, but then it clicked and the hoop kept going around and around.

We were showed how to pivot and walk and move sideways. Hey I was having trouble just keeping it going without all the fancy footwork.

I think everyone enjoyed the class and several of us bought our hoops. Mine is pink stripped and I will be taking it with me when I go to Maine.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My arms and legs feel like the fresh pasta I made in Italy, all limp and hanging to dry on the stools. I didn't think boot camp could get harder but they keep challenging us. This morning Heidi had us out in the parking lot to do a muscle fatigue circuit. We did the following.
50 push ups
50 squats
50 lunges
50 push ups
50 squats
50 lunges
Run a lap around the parking lot
Repeat two more times.

When we finished we had done 300 of the above.
Did she fatigue my muscles, hell yes!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I was talking with Katy this morning going on about how boring the runs can be only because I keep going the same way. So when I went out for my run I turned right instead of left, just to change things up.
If I hadn't gone this way I wouldn't have spotted the little dog that came flying out of a cul de sac and onto the path. I heard someone yell right before I saw the dog hit the trails. He was up and over the hill and out of sight. I continued down and then up the hill and then as I was coming down the hill I saw a lady with two dogs on leashes and the run away was sniffing around them. I was able to grab the dog and told the dog lady that I had seen where he came from so I would return him. She seemed relieved, I don't think she wanted to be bothered. I headed back to the cul de sac and caught the owner just as she was getting in her car. Handed the dog over and then went back to what I was doing.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Monday morning, boot camp and I was sore from my run on Sunday. I even thought of not going but knew the work out would probably make me feel better.
We did our 1 mile warm up and then joined Heidi in the parking lot. Plan for today was legs, lots of legs, more legs than I really wanted to do on this hot morning. Back and forth in the parking lot we went. Lunges, squats with the band, running with the band around us and just for fun throw in some abs and push ups.
It was a good work out and I'm sure I'll be sore from all that leg work but I'll be back on Wednesday to try some more.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I forgot that it's warmer now and I need to get out earlier to beat the heat. I was going to use the trails and had planned on running more than walking but it was the opposite.
I crossed the bridge and checked on the turtles, there were several sunning on the rocks.
Continued on and stopped at the new water fountain for a drink. Started up the big hill and spotted the road runner in the field. I headed to Kids Kastle for a drink and down in the ditch was a very large turtle and a very small turtle. Not the greatest spot to be but they didn't move as I stopped to watch.
It felt good to be out but I need to start thinking about going out around 8 instead of 11.
And now I'm thinking how good a turtle sundae would taste on this warm day. Yum, vanila ice cream with hot fudge sauce and pecans on top and a dollop of whip cream! Ooooo thats the stuff!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Did you ever have one of those weeks where you're so busy you don't know which end is up? Mine was like that. Between boot camp, dentist, meeting friends, appointments and a trip in a limo I realized I forgot to blog.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday was boot camp and the weather was humid and hot so we had two days inside. You would think that would be great but we were still all dripping wet. Shalya's circuits continue to be challenging. Friday I was not able to do one of the circuits. I just didn't have enough oomph to get my but off the floor, but I'll keep trying. We weighed in and I had lost a pound, that was good.
I haven't done any running this week and am hoping to get out today if the weather cooperates. We had torrential rains yesterday and there is suppose to be more this weekend.
To everyone racing this weekend, good luck. Mark is doing a 5 mile race today, we know he''ll be fast.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Four reasons why I'm a mother, my beautiful daughters who bring joy to me everyday.

Eight reasons why I'm a grandmother. They come in all sizes and ages and I have enjoyed the journey of watching them grow.

To everyone I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day. May you be as blessed as I am.


Woke up to a very crisp morning, perfect race weather! Not only was the weather perfect the race didn't start until 8:30 so got to sleep in a little longer and it was only a few miles from my house so didn't have to drive far.
The race started and I had to weave around lots of strollers and children. The path narrowed down and we had to cross a bridge and then up a hill and out onto the road. My first mile was a 10:38 pace, I think I was just trying to get past all the congestion.
Neared the water table and grabbed a cup, yuck! Gatorade. I turned around a went back for water. Heard my name shouted out and one of my boot camp buddies was passing me.
Finished in 35:56 and that got me first place in my age group.

Here is what we received for placing.
I had a great time at the race it was nice to meet up with some people from boot camp. It was just the perfect race day.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Beautiful morning and I had lots of running to due,only by car. First up was to get to boot camp and weigh in. Lost two pounds, whoo hoo! I didn't stay to work out because of the dental issues I was having.

Weather was perfect so when I got home I strapped on the Garmin and went out for a walk, I did run a few times. You know when your favorite song starts playing on the i-pod you just can't help but run.

After some lunch I had to go pick up race packets for the race 5K Christy and I are running tomorrow.

The rest of the day I took it easy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've been missing for a few days due to a dental problem. Had to have a root canal yesterday and still need to go back two more times. So I am not running today and will not be doing boot camp tomorrow. Hopefully I will do the Moms 5K race on Saturday.

Wednesday morning I did attend boot camp but couldn't finish the last circuit. I think the heat was too much and I haven't gotten adjusted to it yet. I had to go get a Luna bar from my car to get some energy. We hit a high temperature of 90. I got a feeling it is going to be a hot summer!

Monday I did boot camp and it went great. We did a circuit in the parking lot and then inside to stretch. The heat wasn't bad because there was a great breeze.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Woke up at 2 am, why does this always happen. Couldn't get back to sleep so watched a movie on TV until it was time to get ready. Christy and I wanted to leave the house at 5:45
to allow us plenty of time. I'm one of those people that would rather be early than late. We were wearing our very pink shirts.

The line for parking wasn't as bad as I expected. We sat and ate an uncrustable and then headed to find the porta pottys and start line. I snapped this from the parking garage of Las Colinas.

First thing we spot on the way to the start is the sign. I was thinking about wanting to get a PR today, maybe I could.

Christy took this of me by the Mustang statues which are running through the water.

We got a prerace picture taken. Notice it is still dark out and the temperature is around 64 with a slight wind. They did the fun run 1 miler and then it was time for the half marathon and 10K racers to line up. Christy and I were starting out together but I soon realized she had fallen behind me.

This was near the first mile and it reminded me of last weeks race when I got passed by the tortoise. I didn't want that happening again. We were now heading onto the trails.

Another sign to inspire us, it said.
1. approach
2 pass
3 laugh
4 repeat

I think this is true. It just feels so good to be out and doing something that is healthy and good for you.

We have about 2 miles to go and my time is looking good.

I loved this sign, we are all winners.

Here comes Christy and she is going to PR. Way to go! I finished with a PR of 1:15:12 that got me 1st place in my age group. They were not giving out medals. I will be getting a finisher tech shirt with all the first place winners names on the back and the heels and hills logo on the front. Wow! Make my day a PR and another shirt with my name on the back.

As we were walking back to the car we passed over one of the canals in Las Colinas.
This was a great race that we both liked and will probably do again.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Christy and I picked up our race packets this morning along with some free samples. The shirts are really cool and we are going to wear them for the race. The picture below is the logo on the back of the shirt.
I love it when they put your name on the bib! We are all set to run. Will have the report tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. If you are racing, good luck.