Thursday, March 31, 2011


I think my shoes would get more use a a vase than they do running. Looking at my miles for the year I am way behind my schedule. I don't know here my motivation has gone, but it's gone. Maybe because I don't have a race on the schedule or maybe because the weather has been colder than usual this year. I know I could go on making excuses but maybe it is because I've just gotten lazy. What gets you motivated? I did go out today but it was more walk than run and I realized that if I want to continue to do well I have to be consistent. So no more slacking off.

Friday, March 25, 2011


We had our first tulip bloom this week. I'm hoping the rest will come up. Seems like it has been a smorgasbord for the squirrels. We shall wait and see.

I had to get measured and weighed today at boot camp. Last time was the beginning of December. I was up on the scale from then but actually down from last week. My mearsurements were all slightly up. Maybe the tape measure was wrong, but I doubt it.

Today was sprints on the treadmill with lunges, abs, and modified chin ups in between the sprints. After that we had a short yoga workout with lots of stretching.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This has been a crazy month and my plate has been full. Mostly trying to get all my check ups in, some that are 3 year past due. Yesterday I was at the doctors and she said I need a bone scan. I haven't had one for six years. Last one I was off the chart for my age so I figured with all the boot camps and running I was still good and didn't need one. She thought differently. Thursday I go for the bone scan. Then I went to pick up my prescription for my thyroid pills and the pharmacist said the doctor wants to see me, so went home and scheduled that. Next week is the dentist.
This morning boot camp was fitness evaluation. I had to do a timed mile as fast as I could, which wasn't fast and then timed push ups and sit ups. I feel like I am slipping backwards. Push ups were 18 regular and 10 on knees for 1 minute. Last time I had done 20 regular. Looks like I'll have to try to work in more time doing push ups at home. I used to do them before bed, guss I'll have to start doing that again.
Friday is weigh in and measurements so hopefully I'll be okay. I would hate to have slipped up in that department.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday my husband and I went to the garden store to purchase a lemon tree and some other plants for outside. After putting the plants in the car I took the cart back and returning to the car spotted some folded greenery up by the curb. I reached down and picked up a twenty! The tree is now potted in a pot and the twenty is potted in my wallet.

Yoga was great, lots of stretching on the lower half of the body. I really like this class and am starting to see some changes. I can reach a little bit farther than last week. I hope she will continue this class after the 6 sessions are up.

This morning I went out and did 5.72 miles. It was beautiful out, saw lots of turtles. I'm am still watching for Rocky the roadrunner. Haven't spotted him yet.

Friday, March 18, 2011


So yesterday I told the hair dresser that I wanted to change my style to something shorter but not real short. I"m tired of it always dripping sweat from boot camp and running. Well, it's shorter but did it help at boot camp. No! I still sweat just as bad and now there is less hair for it to cling to.
Today's workout was designed by Shayla but directed by Heidi. We had to do the following:

10 squats with presses
10 squats with presses, 5 burpies with row
10 squats with presses, 5 burpies with row, 1 minute sprint
10 squats with presses, 5 burpies with row, 1minute sprint, jumping jack with curls
20 abs, 20 leg throw downs, 20 leg throw downs to each side

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I went for my run this morning. The sun was hidden behind the clouds and it was around 66 degrees with humidity. Since I haven't been running regularly I decided I would only go as far as Kids Kastle. I ran up to the park and noticed that at several places along the trail where there is water there would be a pair of Mallards. Must be that time of year. I reached the park and checked out the new bathrooms, big improvement over what was there before. I ran over to the exercise bars and managed to eke out two chin ups. Need to work on those more. Tomorrow is boot camp and then runners yoga on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is going to be one of those beautiful balmy Spring days. I did boot camp this morning. We were 5 strong and were doing a circuit inside. Lots of squats, dead lifts, burbies holding the Bosu, and chest press. I was dripping sweat when I left and figured I'd get my house cleaning done when got home. Now I have the rest of the day for play. I'm going to make some bread and maybe take a trip to the library.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This morning I was out on the trails after a few weeks off. I new it wouldn't be easy because of the lack of running I have done but I also new I had to get back out. The weather was perfect, slight breeze and temperature in the high 60's. The first mile went well but then I found myself slowing up so i switched to running 1 minute and walking for 2. Finally near the end it was mostly walking.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


This morning started a new class at the gym, runners yoga, it's a six week class meeting every Saturday. Today we did numerous stretches all to help the muscles we use in running. Some were hard and some were easy and sometimes I think I am like a pretzel all twisted.

The weather today has changed to cold and windy and the chances of me going out for a run are zero. We keep getting a taste of Spring and then in a flash it is gone. The trees are in full bloom and the daffodils are up. I love Spring!
Our computer has been down for a week and am borrowing Christy's. I am crappy at using a lap top and can't figure out how to put a picture up therefore no picture today.