Thursday, March 31, 2011


I think my shoes would get more use a a vase than they do running. Looking at my miles for the year I am way behind my schedule. I don't know here my motivation has gone, but it's gone. Maybe because I don't have a race on the schedule or maybe because the weather has been colder than usual this year. I know I could go on making excuses but maybe it is because I've just gotten lazy. What gets you motivated? I did go out today but it was more walk than run and I realized that if I want to continue to do well I have to be consistent. So no more slacking off.

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Amy said...

That is an interesting thing to do with old running shoes - wouldn't that look nice on my patio, or how about on my front windowsill? What would the neighbors think?

I thought you were signed up for a race, weren't you? Anyway, don't beat yourself up, just get back out there and pick it up again.