Saturday, May 15, 2010


Did you ever have one of those weeks where you're so busy you don't know which end is up? Mine was like that. Between boot camp, dentist, meeting friends, appointments and a trip in a limo I realized I forgot to blog.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday was boot camp and the weather was humid and hot so we had two days inside. You would think that would be great but we were still all dripping wet. Shalya's circuits continue to be challenging. Friday I was not able to do one of the circuits. I just didn't have enough oomph to get my but off the floor, but I'll keep trying. We weighed in and I had lost a pound, that was good.
I haven't done any running this week and am hoping to get out today if the weather cooperates. We had torrential rains yesterday and there is suppose to be more this weekend.
To everyone racing this weekend, good luck. Mark is doing a 5 mile race today, we know he''ll be fast.

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