Sunday, May 16, 2010


I forgot that it's warmer now and I need to get out earlier to beat the heat. I was going to use the trails and had planned on running more than walking but it was the opposite.
I crossed the bridge and checked on the turtles, there were several sunning on the rocks.
Continued on and stopped at the new water fountain for a drink. Started up the big hill and spotted the road runner in the field. I headed to Kids Kastle for a drink and down in the ditch was a very large turtle and a very small turtle. Not the greatest spot to be but they didn't move as I stopped to watch.
It felt good to be out but I need to start thinking about going out around 8 instead of 11.
And now I'm thinking how good a turtle sundae would taste on this warm day. Yum, vanila ice cream with hot fudge sauce and pecans on top and a dollop of whip cream! Ooooo thats the stuff!

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