Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I was talking with Katy this morning going on about how boring the runs can be only because I keep going the same way. So when I went out for my run I turned right instead of left, just to change things up.
If I hadn't gone this way I wouldn't have spotted the little dog that came flying out of a cul de sac and onto the path. I heard someone yell right before I saw the dog hit the trails. He was up and over the hill and out of sight. I continued down and then up the hill and then as I was coming down the hill I saw a lady with two dogs on leashes and the run away was sniffing around them. I was able to grab the dog and told the dog lady that I had seen where he came from so I would return him. She seemed relieved, I don't think she wanted to be bothered. I headed back to the cul de sac and caught the owner just as she was getting in her car. Handed the dog over and then went back to what I was doing.

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Amy said...

Whoa! Cindy's Dog Rescue Service - you could have a whole new career going!