Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I've been wanting to ride my bike to boot camp but the temperature has been too high. Last week I bought a helmet and then I found a Longaberger basket that would be perfect on my bike to carry my gym gear. Now I was ready, and today was the perfect chance to try the ride. The temperature was at 71 when I left the house.
I have to admit I was a bit wobbly when I started out but kept going. I'm nervous when I have to stop because when I first got this bike and went out to ride I fell and broke my ankle in three places and now have three screws in my leg.
When I walked into the gym they all cheered. I couldn't believe I'd actually did that. If I had known how hard the work out was going t be I probably would have driven.
Today was 100 Wednesday. We had to partner up and do 100 reps of the following exercises:

push ups
push down abs

We could start with any one but couldn't move on until we finished . The whole time I'm doing this I'm thinking I still have to bike home. Well, I made it through the work out and I made it home. I think the ride was around 4 miles one way.

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Amy said...

You rock! (and roll)!