Saturday, June 11, 2011


When I was at Amy's we ran at the park. There were big, tall trees and a lake with lots of ducks and geese and some swans. It was a beautiful setting to be running in. Now I'm home and there are no big, tall trees or a lake to run around. It is flat and the sun is always shinning on you. I went out this morning before the sun was up but by the time I was heading back the sun was out and it was getting warm, very warm. By the time I reached home I was sweating and feeling the heat. The pool looked so inviting that I jumped in with my running clothes on, did take off my shoes. Aah, relief.

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Amy said...

Ha ha - too funny! We were just saying last night that you guys would have been cold this weekend here - temps have dropped and it's a lot cooler.
Glad you have your pool to cool off in!