Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So yesterday i went to boot camp which was all the classes combined because it was a holiday. We ran our mile to warm up and then hauled weights outside where Shayla had a circuit set up. We were to do squat thrust, walking lunges, a certain distance, then sprint down and back more lunges and start again. This was to be done 5 times, I could only manage 4, between the heat and feeling hungry I faded.
After boot camp we went in to cool off and then had yoga with Heidi. Can you spot me in the picture ? This yoga is something new for me and I am a bit sore from it.

Today I can barely move and I've had a lot to do. Had to meet my friend for coffee, go to the dentist and get my hair done. Tomorrow I think I'll rest.

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Amy said...

You deserve a rest day! Skype me when you get up - we will be home this afternoon.