Sunday, September 5, 2010


A beautiful morning with the temperature around 68, seems like Fall is coming. I put on my running shorts and headed out for a run. My intention was to just go the path past the police station and turn and come back but the weather was calling and it felt good to be out so I continued on a bit longer.
Once back home I got on the computer and started checking out races in my area for next week. There were two, one was the Run Proud for Dessert and the other was the Roof Dog Run. I have done the Roof Dog before and it is for a good cause so I signed up. This will give me incentive to get out and run this week. You know how hard it can be when you're just home from vacation.

Tomorrow is boot camp plus a yoga class that I am planning to attend.You can bring someone for free so Christy is going to go with me.

It feels good to be back home and in the swing of things, running the trails, signing up for races and doing Shayla's boot camp instead of mine.

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Amy said...

Love the new pictures! Where is the banner from?