Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yes we're trading watermelons for pumpkins, tomorrow is the first day of Fall. I can't wait, it means hopefully cooler weather which is great for running.
This morning was boot camp and my day for getting measured. My numbers were good but I was hoping for better results.
Heidi was leading our class of two today. She had 7 circuits that we were doing for a minute for 3 times. This was an all body workout and i am feeling it now. I think the hardest one is the jump rope. I have yet to master it and it seems I am always stepping on the rope today was no exception.
When we started Heidi said she had just turned on the air and it would be cooling down. I was doing lunges with bicep curls and getting really warm. Was I really working that hard? On to the next circuit, squats holding a 20 lb bar and I'm still really hot. Finally I ask " Are you sure you didn't put the heat on?" She went to check and came back laughing, she had put it on heat instead of cool.

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Amy said...

so that's what it will feel like in Hot Yoga! tried to skype you just now - are you home?