Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday Christy and I did the Roof Dog Run in Plano. This was a race that I had done two years ago with Allie. The proceeds go to build orphanages in Peru. The weather was very humid and the temperature was in the 80's at the start. As I lined up I spotted my competition, the woman who always beats me. There were lots of runners with dogs of all sizes doing the race. I did well the first mile but then the heat and humidity got to me and I found myself taking more walking breaks than I usually do. When I neared mile two there was this woman with a big, furry, black dog. I noticed the dog was really panting and did not want to get up. The woman was talking with another lady, I thought they were together. I stopped and said I had water and would it be alright to give some to the dog, who could of used it. Oh, I have water for him she replied and so I continued on and the lady with her caught up to me and said she also had tried to give the dog water. Later I found out they sent a cart down to bring the dog back to the start and hosed him off. When I finished the race I spotted the dog and he seemed much better.
My time was around 40:xx, I was glad I stopped to help even if it cost me some time. And yes my competition beat me again, I placed second. Some day I am going to pass her by.

This morning i was up early and got out to do an easy run. It seemed just as hot and humid as yesterday. I stayed on the trails and did my best. Got 4.64 miles done.

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Cindy yay for you and what a great cause! I do not get to your blog enough - but know I am always cheering you on! :)