Friday, September 17, 2010


This has been a busy week or maybe it's trying to get back into everything.
Monday was boot camp outside in the heat. I thought I'd die. The sweat was just a dripping off.
Tuesday was coffee with my friend and then I came home and went out for a run because it was the first training day for my half I'm doing in November. Big mistake it was to hot when I went out, I felt like i was melting.
Wednesday was a trip to the dentist, I am still having issues with my teeth that I had the surgery on this summer.
Thursday night was yoga class. This was the second class and it seemed to go a bit easier but again it was so warm. Is it suppose to be that way?
Friday, boot camp outside. We were dragging metal sleds with 45 pounds on them, doing sprints, lunges and abs. I keep hoping this hot weather will go away. Isn't it suppose to be Fall now?
I signed up for a contest the gym is having. They will set certain goals for you to meet and when they are met your name goes in for a drawing to win $500. It cost $30. to join but I love a challenge so hopefully I will quickly get through all the goals and get lots of entries in the drawing.

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Amy said...

Are you sure you're not doing Hot Yoga??