Friday, September 3, 2010


Home from vacation and back to reality, this morning it was boot camp. I was the only one for awhile and then Heidi joined in.
Today it was hamstrings, lat pull down, bicep curls and row, five sets, ten reps each. After we finished that is was 60 abs and then stretch.
Shayla told me they were having a free yoga class tonight at 6 and would I be interested. Jenny has been telling me how helpful yoga has been for her so I thought I'd give it a try. Christy was going to go with me.
The class was led by Heidi and I found it very relaxing even though there were a few things that almost had me falling over.
They are offering an eight week class for beginners on Thursday nights and one of the girls asked if I'd like to do it, I signed up!
Who knew I would do two workout classes in one day and sign up for 8 weeks of yoga.

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Amy said...

How cool!! Then we can all do a yoga class together after the half marathon in November - how fun that will be!!! Can you tell I'm excited??