Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We left Maine early Saturday morning heading for Pennsylvania. Buddy had to be moved to a hospital in Portland where he received a blood transfusion. They still aren't sure what caused all the bleeding but he was released from the hospital Monday afternoon and I am happy to report that he arrived home tonight and has an appointment at his vets tomorrow.

We spent 2 days with my husbands brother and wife who live in Slippery Rock, PA. We got caught up on what everyone in the family is doing and saw pictures from their granddaughters wedding that took place this summer.

On Sunday while my husband and his brother were catching up on news I went out for a run/walk. Found a great path in the cemetery and no one was around to bother me.

On Monday Debbi and I went for a fast walk and I showed her my new trail. I'm not so sure she liked walking among the head stones.

This morning we headed back out on the road and are spending the night in Bowling Green, KY, tomorrow we hope to make it home, will take about 12 hours driving time.


Fran said...

Happy to hear Buddy is doing better Cindy.

Have a safe trip home.

Amy said...

Hope the last leg of your trip goes well - can't wait til you get home!