Saturday, August 14, 2010


Left Little Rock at 9 and headed for Tennessee. Most of the trip the traffic was light but there were some spots with construction and then you come to a crawl. We were at Knoxville around 7 Eastern time and my husband said he felt good enough to go on. So this morning I woke up in Bristol,TN which shares a main street with Bristol,VA. That's kind of cool.

I was up at 6 and didn't feel like going to the exercise room but it beat sitting in my room while someone is sleeping. I headed down and was a bit disappointed after the nice exercise room I had yesterday. There was a treadmill, stair climber and bike. There was this girl on the bike who said she couldn't get the treadmill to work. Oh great, I thought. I climbed on and got it going, did 1.50 miles. You know how I hate the treadmill.

Today we're hoping to make 500 miles. We''ll see, we're in the East and traffic is heavier.

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Amy said...

You are doing so great getting a workout in each morning! Wish I was with you!