Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Humpty Cindy went for a run
Humpty Cindy was having fun
Across the road and up the hill
Humpty Cindy took a spill.
And that was that.

My first thought was, did anyone see. I looked around but there was no one. The next thing I did was check to see if I was okay and retrieve my glasses, water bottle and hat. Okay, the damage is I have a pair of matching red scrapes on my knees that are the size of a dime. I can live with that. Both palms of my hands were scrapped but not bleeding. Finger on right hand was bleeding but not broke. Right shoulder was sore but not bleeding. Scrapped the skin by my right eye, some bleeding and hit my right cheek bone, no bleeding. I felt like crying but sucked it up and was going to start for home but decided things couldn't get any worse so continued on my run. And it wasn't a bad run.

Miles run around 5
My Garmin quit so I don't really know for sure, but it is the usual route I take.


KatyShops said...

Hey....all runner's eventually take a spill. You handled it like a true athlete - sucked it up. I'm proud of you!

Kathryn said...

This is an area where I am quite the expert.... :) I haven't fallen in a while (that should do it - I'll fall soon! :)) but I've had a few spills myself!

I'm glad you are okay! I'm impressed you kept going!!