Sunday, December 19, 2010


Last night just as we were getting ready to leave for dinner we had a leak in the ceiling. Just what i need when i have 9 people arriving next week for Christmas. We called a plumber and he gave us some advice, said to read the meter and if it wasn't going around it was not a water pipe leaking it was probably a leak while the bath was running and had soaked the insulation which was now dripping. Well it was a pipe and my husband turned off the main valve after I went to bed. I need to run.
This morning at 3 am I woke and my husband said, we have no water. After that I couldn't sleep so got up. I need to run.
I'm sitting here thinking about all there is to do before Wednesday, I need to run.
As soon as it's light out I'd love to run but then no water for a shower. May have to go to the gym, they have showers and running water.

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Amy said...

Thank goodness your water is back you run?