Sunday, December 5, 2010


Friday night Jenny, Christy and I were signed up to run a night time race in Denton. The race started at a park and then into a neighborhood and back into the park for the finish. This was a 4.2 mile race.
We had time for a race picture before we lined up. Jenny was towards the front and Christy and I were about half way back. The first part of the race had us loop around a lake and there was one place that it was very dark. Once we left the park we were in a neighborhood where a lot of the houses were decorated with lights for Christmas. It made it seem really festive. However there were several places where there was no lights and one was a long hill down. I always worry that I might trip so slow down.

Jenny was the first to come in with a time of 33:23

I was checking my watch for the time and finished with a 57:33

Christy brought up the pack with a time of 58:xx

The medals were like the shirt logo. You could almost hang this on the Christmas tree.

My time got me first place in my age group

Jenny placed second in her age group
After the race we were all hungry so headed to a restaurant for a late dinner.

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Fran said...

I would love to do a night race some time. I missed one I had signed up for this year so going to try again next year.