Friday, July 29, 2011


They should have a warning sign at the gym. It would say Warning Tough Boot Camp Ahead,
or maybe Boot Camp Trainer Insane, Stay Away.
Warm up today was 2 sets of the following
2 laps
see saws 5 on each side
front squats 10
Kettle ball swing 25
Okay I did that and had no problems, then she brought out the dry erase board. Has she been in the heat too much. There were three different sets and we had to complete each set before we could move on to the next. Did I have this right, we had to do all three sets.
Okay, here's what she had for us:

100 jump ropes
50 thrusters
10 box jumps

100 jump ropes
50 burpies
10 box jumps

100 jump ropes
50 scissor lunges
10 box jumps

I did everything but the burpies.
I'm tired.

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Amy said...

OMG. No wonder you're tired. Did Shayla get heatstroke or something?