Friday, March 13, 2009


Once upon a time there were three fair maidens who wanted to run a race to be a princess. They came from far away to the land of magic and make believe.

Their running shoes were their glass slippers.

Their royal fans waited patiently to cheer them when they ran past.
Following thousands of other princess wannabees they finally saw the castle.

The miles and time were ticking away. There was still 5 miles to go with hills to run up and the run through Epcot.

At last the finish was in sight and waiting to greet them were Mickey and Minnie. The royal medals were waiting just beyond the finish line.

After a much needed rest and shower , they donned their medals and headed to the California Grill to have their royal feast.

And they were happy ever after.

Any race I can run with my daughters is always a great race. Getting a PR even made it better. Thanks Jenny and Amy for all your effort and support you gave me.


Jenny said...

It was a fun race! Glad to run with you!

Amy said...

I absolutely love your creative race report!!! It was a great time, I really enjoyed being a part of your princess team.