Friday, August 5, 2011


I have managed to get in nine days of some type of exercise. A new record for me. I did three days of boot camp this week and added a 30 minute Tabata class. I have walk/run outside in the heat and even gone to my old gym and done 2 programs on the treadmill. The one thing I haven't done is gone in the pool to swim.
Boot camp continues to be hard with her insane warm ups.
This was today's warm up: 4x
25 burpies
25 push ups
25 mountains
1 lap

After the warm up we were out side for lunges and squats with over head weights. I prefer inside where I can stay cool but we were out side.
I'm looking forward to the weekend off from the gym!

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Amy said...

9 days - good job! You have definitely earned a day off!