Monday, April 2, 2012

Chase the night and win

I did not know what to expect when Christy picked the Firefly run for us to race. This race is in select cities around the country. Kim in Chicago you can run it and Tonya and Katy in Atlanta can sign up to run it. It will also be held in San Jose and Phoenix. This was just the coolest race and I'm usually not a fan of nighttime races, but with the lights and atmosphere, how could you not enjoy yourself. The start was awesome with all the glimmering lights and people dressed in costume. We had decided to stay together and I had bought shirts so we looked like a team. It was hard to run with that many people but we did the best we could, running when we had an open space and walking when it was to crowded. Even though the sun was gone the temperature was still in the 80's. We crossed the finish line with the crowd and a time of 46.12, I missed third place by 1 second. Over 7000 runners had signed up with proceeds going to Children's Medical Center.

There was lots of water available before and after the race.
Some of the runners waiting to line up.
We're lined up and waiting. My lights are on and I'm ready to go!
We chased the night and won.


kilax said...

That sounds like a really fun run! I will have to look in to it! And I cannot believe you were off of 3rd place by 1 sec! UGH!!! ;)

Amy said...
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