Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy Day

Wow, can a day get any crazier. First I was suppose to have coffee with my friend but when I called her to say I was stuck in traffic she replied " Are we suppose to have coffee today?" So she had an appointment and we changed it to around 11 but eleven came and no call. At 12:45 she said she was just about finished and could meet around 12:30. I headed back to Starbucks and found a table outside to wait. One and no show, then another call and she was home and would be there shortly. By the time she arrived storms were heading to the Dallas Ft. Worth area and tornado's had been sited. We debated what to do, decided to get coffee and a cute little cherry tart. The wind was blowing and the sky was dark and we were wondering if we should head for home. I remembered the time we went to the movies on a sunny afternoon and when we came out our cars were covered in ice and what normally took me 20 minutes to get home took me 2 hours. We finally left and headed home and later she called and said that both her sky lights had been broken by hail the size of golf balls.

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