Saturday, August 30, 2008


Remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated while you run.
It was back to the gym yesterday to train with Shayla. This time without my training partner. We worked on biceps, triceps, and abs. I mentioned that we had done this already but she reminded me that it was a light workout last time.

Oh, how could I forget. On a sad note she told me that she had turned in her resignation and so I will have only two more sessions with her. I always hate having to make changes. Now I will need to find a new trainer and new times probably.

More changes, I think my brain must go fuzzy when my girls visit because I tend to sign up for races. When Katy was here we decided to sign up for the Georgia ING in March of 2009 and when Amy was here we signed up with Jenny for the Disney Princess in March. Two halves in one month, does that make a marathon ?

My new motto to get me training is:

You're not a PRINCESS yet, so get runnING now.

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KatyShops said...

Clever! I love the new motto :)