Thursday, August 21, 2008


Newport Beach, Rhode Island
There is something about running with others that makes a run so much easier. This morning Stefaan, Amy and I went out to get a few miles in. I took them on the route that I usually take. They were faster than me and I would tell them where to go and then where to wait for me to show up. About half way through the run I had to ease up and just walk. The humidity was too much for me to deal with and I was starting to feel nauseated. We finished with 4:75 miles in about an hour and 15 minutes.

Later in the day we headed over to Run On to pick up our packets for the Hottest Race we are doing on Sunday.

Call me crazy but yesterday I signed up to run the Georgia ING in March of 2009 with Katy and her friend. Oops I did it again.

Miles this week 4:75


KatyShops said...

Thats right did it again!

Kathryn said...

Too cute - you did it again!

Good luck on Sunday!!!!