Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We were up and out the door by 5:45 headed for Dallas and the Hottest Race. At the time we left the house it was about 77 out so we were hoping it wouldn't be too hot to run. I got to give credit to our photographer who managed to get up early with us just to take out picture and wish us luck. Thanks Tom.

We were lucky with the temp, it was cooler that the Too Hot To Handle we ran in July. There even was a slight breeze at times and of course there was shade. Most of the course was flat and ran along side the lake. The only bad part was the last 1/4 mile was up hill. Amy and Stefaan finished first so Amy met me coming in and I handed over the camera so she could snap this pick.
If you look close you can see my son-in-law taking a movie of me running in.

We took some time out to cool off and rest and wait for the awards.

Amy and I toast to our finish with a cold Stampede beer and wait to cheer Christy.

And can you believe it ! Elvis was there and you know what a fan I am.
My time was 1:26 and I took 2nd place. I said I missed first place because I stopped twice to take Amy and Stefaan's pictures. What a nice mom. : )

Next race will be on the 6th. The Race for Recovery

Total miles 6:20

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Kathryn said...

Great pictures!! Congratulations on your 2nd place win! You all look like you were having such fun... I love a post-race beer, no matter the time of day. It just seems so indulgent and naughty (and well-deserved) to drink a beer in the morning after running your heart out...

I think it is SO COOL that you ladies are running races together while you visit each other.