Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have to admit I was a bit reluctant to do this race. Running at night in December, I was thinking cold, cold cold. How was I to know it would be 68 at race time.
Christy, Allie and I are ready to get this race going. Allie was doing the 1 mile fun run with grandpa and Christy and I were doing the 5K.

Before the race I had time to tell Santa that I've been good this year.

We lined up at the start. There were lots of people with kids and pets and one black lab almost tripped me before the race had even started.

Santa and friends started the race and we began running in the dark. I wasn't sure I liked this. I was trying to watch the road for any pot holes and trying not to get run over by baby strollers. Christy and I started together but soon got separated. Once some of the crowd thinned out it got better. The run seemed easy, maybe it was because it was in the dark and I couldn't see how far I had to go. I saw the three mile marker and was able to see the time on my Garmin as I passed under a street light, WOO HOO, I might make a PR ! I picked up my pace.

Whew ! I finished with a PR !!! Time was 37:31. Notice I got warm and shed the Jingle Run shirt so my husband didn't get a picture of me crossing the finish line because he was looking for a white shirt.
After the race we went to the ballroom in the Anatole hotel and enjoyed pizza and beer.
This turned out to be a great race. Thanks Christy for making me sign up.


kilax said...

That sounds like a fun holiday run. I would have been worried about running in the dark too ;)

Jenny said...

Congrats on the PR!! I love the snow globe on the shirt!

Amy said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great time!