Thursday, February 18, 2010


My day was busy. It started with dropping Allie at school and then heading to Starbucks to have coffee with my friend. Once I left Starbucks I headed home so I could Skype Amy. She had wanted to see the Dr. Oz show on the 100 pound weight loss. I got every thing set up with the lap top facing the tv and the sound up so she could hear it. One nice thing about recording it was I was able to fast forward through the commercials.
Next on my agenda was lunch and then my husband and I had to run to Costco to get his new glasses. He had cataract surgery this month and his prescription has changed. While I was there I stocked up on lots of fruit and vegetables.
I was tired from the errands and decided not to run, but then Jenny called. She was telling me how cold it was and the wind was bitter with a temperature of only 50. "We're 62 today", I said. That was my first mistake. Second mistake was when she asked if I ran and I said no.
"What, you haven't run, that's a waste of 62 degrees." But I'm tired, it's 4 pm and I don't like to run in the afternoon were a few of my excuses, and then she said (this is where the kick in the butt comes in) "JUST GO DO IT."
So I got 3.45 miles in for the day and it did feel good even though my butt is sore from the big kick, it was what I needed.

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Amy said...

ha ha!!! count on Jenny to give you the needed kick in the rear!