Friday, October 22, 2010


Yesterday I had hills on my schedule. I was to jog for 15 minutes and then run 2 minutes uphill at a hard effort; jog back down and repeat for 3 more times and finish with a 15 minute jog. I never realized how hard hill repeats were, ouch! My legs were so tired all day and still were sore in the morning.
This morning I was debating whether to go to boot camp, the legs were tired and I felt exhausted. I got ready and went, my mile warm up was slow but helped to loosen things up. Lucky for us we were inside using weights, doing push ups and the plank. Felt great when I was finished.
This afternoon I cleaned out my pantry, our goal for the week. We have to get rid of anything that doesn't qualify as clean eating. Let me tell you I had a trash bag full. Good by junk food. You should see all the room I have in my pantry now.

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