Saturday, October 2, 2010


Christy and I did this race last year and liked it so much we signed up for this year.

The race is held at the Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine, Texas. This was a gorgeous day to be running. The temperature was in the 60's.

When we arrived there were already a lot of people checking things out. Free wine was going to be available after the race.

We got a picture before the race. Time to line up and we picked closer to the start than we usually do. Wished each other luck and waited for the horn to blow. I crossed the mats and hit my Garmin and turned on my iPod. A lot to do at a start. After about a 1/2 mile I checked my Garmin and for some reason it hadn't started so I hit it again and used it just to track my pace. I was able to run up the big hill, didn't do that last year. After the turn around I caught up with Brooke from boot camp. We ran the rest of the race together. One more big hill to go up and this time I choose to walk then it was down hill and flat to the finish. Brooke was slightly ahead of me, I finished with a time of 36:56:06.

After the race we spied Brooke trying some wine. Nice race Brooke and it was fun to have someone to run with.

While we waited for results we toured the winery. I was hoping this might be a prize.

Spotted some grapes that got missed being picked, guess they're raisins now.

Results are in and I took 1st place, another wine glass now I have a pair.

Found the rest of the boot camp gang and got a group picture.

And here is my glass, it has the race name, date and age category on it.

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Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! First place - woo hoo!!! We are so proud of you! Great pictures too!