Saturday, December 17, 2011


Sometimes a spur of the moment can turn into a lovely evening. Yesterday we called our neighbor and invited her to dinner with us at a local restaurant. She was delighted to go. Lydia is never at a loss for words and so conversation flowed at the table. She lost her husband in August after 60 years of marriage. When she started telling us what she does I was floored. At 82 she works out at the YMCA three times a week on the other three days she walks 2 miles. She sings in the church choir but has dropped her other choir. She also did Weight Watchers and reached lifetime and has kept it off by still going to the meetings. She is like the EverReady rabbit, just keeps on ticking. I hope when I'm her age I'll still be as active as I am now.


kilax said...

Lydia sounds awesome! I love meeting older people like this who are still so active. It is inspiring!!!

Amy said...

So nice you guys got to have a nice evening with Lydia!