Thursday, December 29, 2011

Morning At The Museums

Yesterday we went to Dallas to see a special exhibit at the museum. I failed to notice that they didn't open until 11 so we had an hour to spare. The lady told us about the Asian Museum across the street, not only were they open they were free.

This is the second largest crystal globe in the world. When you stand on one side you are upside down on the other side. Very fascinating.

We really enjoyed this museum but our hour was up so we went back across the street to the Dallas museum of art.

Our tickets were to see the exhibit of Jean Paul Gaultier and it was worth the price. We were not allowed to take pictures inside. The place was packed with people.

He autographed the platform " For Dallas" I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the fashions. Some were a bit strange but then he has designed for Gaga, also Madonna. After we left the museum we headed to Southlake for lunch at Brio.

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Amy said...

Nice pics - sounds like you guys had a great day!