Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthdays, Pie and Laughs

Celebrating our birthdays with a cherry pie. There is a story behind this and we had a good laugh.

When my father-in-law died Tom was just 5. Everyone was bringing food to the house and someone brought a homemade cherry pie. Yum, I would have a piece later. But when later came there was no cherry pie. I looked all over, no pie. I asked had anyone seen the pie, no they all said. Later I found out that Tom had taken the pie to the basement and been going down and eating it, so for years I have been telling him he owes me a pie. We share the same day for our birthdays so on Thursday he went out and got a cherry pie and we celebrated. Happy birthday Tom and thanks for the pie.

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Amy said...

And so now you have to stop teasing Tom about the cherry pie because he paid his debt at last, poor guy!!! Cute picture!