Saturday, January 21, 2012

Resolution Race Report

This was our first race of the year put on by our village so it was close to get to. I had done this race in 2010 and taken first in my age group with a 36.08 time. The race started at 9 and we arrived a bit after 8 so we had time to pick up our chips. Then we waited, luckily we could wait inside because it was 35 out and there was a north wind. Finally it was time to line up and then we were off. First mistake, I never hit the mat for the chip. WTF, they only had it on half of the start. Well that took pressure off of me because now I would have no chip time. The course took us across the street and through a neighborhood and then onto a trail. There was a step hill to go up but then it was down hill and back across the street. Whoa, just as I reach the street to cross the officer puts up his hand to stop me and says " We have to let a few cars through" WTF, a few cars it was more than that, by the time we were able to cross their was a good size group of us. Next stretch was going to be a long hill up. We ran part and walked more. At the top we turned into a small shopping area and ( this was the good part about the race) in front of the Snotty Pig restaurant was a man holding a tray of muffin samples. I told him he was my new best friend. Boy did that taste good. So we finished and I don't know what my time was but Christy's watch said 48 minutes( don't forget we waited for traffic). We didn't stay for awards it was too cold to wait.


Amy said...

I can't believe they made you wait for traffic!
At least you got a muffin!

Mark said...

Too bad about the wait, I can't believe they did that, should have just let one or two through and taken turns with the runners!

Other than that, sounds like it was pretty fun overall.