Thursday, November 27, 2008


Like everyone else this morning, we headed down to Dallas for the Turkey Trot. This is one of the biggest Trots in the country. This year there were around 34,00 runners. Some were doing the 3 mile fun run and others the 8 mile not so fun run.
The dogs were signed up for the fun run and were given bibs and scarves. Cocoa was anxious to get started but she had to wait for the 8 mile runners to go first.

Here's a picture of the runners for the 8 mile waiting for the horn. I thought I got a better start this year but still got bumped and pushed with runners trying to weave their way out of the pack. I felt like I was doing good and kept thinking about how Tonya and Katy pushed my pace. There were more hills then I remembered and some of these I had to walk. This year I had my sports beans so I didn't have to look for any used gels on the ground.
One of my goals for this race was to improve from last year, which I did. I finished in 1:48 a pr. and 12 minutes faster than last year.

After the finish I found my family. They were standing at the finish line waiting for me to come in. They didn't know I had finished.

miles today 8 Time 1:48:29 pace 13:34


Jenny said...

Great job! I love the pictures. You are doing so well, and your consistent training has paid off! You make a daughter proud...

Amy said...

Great job! I love how you call it the eight mile not so fun run! Ha ha! See you in Florida!

Kathryn said...

I laughed at the not-so-fun run, too! I showed my daughter (8 years) the picture of the dogs in their bibs - she was delighted. What a neat idea!!! Congratulations on your race - you did a great job!! Jenny told me yesterday morning you were doing it so I was thinking of you!