Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Our first race for the weekend was the Warrior Way at North Cobb High School. Riley, Katy and I went over on Friday night to pick up our race packets. We loved the shirts! This also gave us a chance to check out the course. Hills, hills and hills. The first mile is up hill then you come down and turn left into a park which you loop around. I saw Katy and Tonya half way through the loop when I was turning in. As I was coming out of the park Michelle and Riley had started in. Once out of the park you have another steep hill to go up and then the last mile is down hill. At the bottom we turned right and headed behind the school to the track where we finished. My Garmin had quit on me at the start of the race so I had no idea how I was doing but as I entered the track someone said " you're at 38 minutes" that got me moving. I finished in 38:32 a PR for me. Katy and Tonya were there to cheer me on and then we waited for Michelle and Riley to show up. Riley had a strong finish. We were all really proud of her and what she has accomplished.
We're up early, eaten our bananas, had some peanut butter and are ready to leave. This is Riley's first 5K so we are all excited.

There are around 300 runners. We find a spot to line up and wait for the start. The morning is cool and damp from the rain the night before.

Riley and Michelle are behind us. They are going to walk with some running.

The track where we finished .

Katy, Michelle, Riley, me and Tonya pose for a picture after the race.

Here is Riley getting her medal for third place in her age group. Way to go Riley!

My turn for a medal. I took first place but I think I was the only one in my age group. When you get to be my age there isn't a lot of competition.
After the race Katy, Michelle, Riley and I went to The Whistle Stop Cafe for a great breakfast.


KatyShops said...

We rocked it! Great job last are getting very fast.

Amy said...

Great race! Congratulations to all of you!