Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sunday morning and it was cold and windy. We were up at 5, ate a bagel with peanut butter and had some coffee. Tonya and Loretta were going to follow us to the race site.
Tonya, Katy and me before the race. As you can see the sun isn't even up yet. The only thing bright in the picture are Katy's pink shoes. They are the Newton running shoes I mentioned a few weeks ago. She was trying them out in this race.We had some coffee from Starbucks and they were even giving out oatmeal. That was a nice treat on a cold morning. By the time we got lined up the sun was starting to come out. There were 17oo (mostly women) who signed up for this inaugural race, 500 were doing the 5K. I did spot a guy with a blonde wig and a pink tutu. His hair looked better than mine. Katy and Tonya were nice enough to stay with me and actually pushed me a little harder than what I would have done. The course made a big loop with a straight down and u-turn back into the loop. It was at this point mile 2 that I needed a bathroom. We spotted a Starbucks so I headed over to it and they kept going. I rejoined them and we finished the race.

As we crossed the finish line we were handed a jewelry box and inside was our necklace. On the oval charm it says Atlanta Zooma 11.16.08

miles run this week 10.54

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Amy said...

How cute!! Maybe you can put her on your charm bracelet, if she's not too big for it. So glad you had another great race!