Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My gosh I can't believe how cold it is getting out. I went to the gym to train this morning and the temp was around 65.

My gym workout was legs. I knew this was coming because I avoided it all last week. I did say if my leg started to hurt I would stop, but it never hurt. After my workout with Katy I went to the treadmill. My schedule called for a light run not more than 2 miles. I did 2.50.

After the gym I had errands to do and by the time I got to my last stop the temp was at 49 and I was freezing. On my way out of the grocery store there is a Starbucks ! How convenient. I ordered the triple chocolate hot chocolate, yum!

No telling how many calories in that drink, but don't worry I'll be at the gym tomorrow.

miles for week 4

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Jenny said...

Mmmmm...triple hot chocolate! Hope it was yummy!