Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Jenny mentioned that her friends would like to meet me and asked if I wanted to run with them on Sunday. That would be fun, I said, but I'll run behind at my own pace and you girls can go ahead of me. I didn't know when I got up on Sunday morning that it was going to be only 34 out, BRR !!! I tried to wiggle out of not going but you know how Jenny can be. "What, you're already up" she said. This was true and I had a new running shirt I got for Christmas that I wanted to try out. It's called all season wear by Under Armour. You wear the light side out to stay warm and the dark side out to stay cool. We headed for Starkey Park to meet Kathryn and Carin. They were going to do 10 miles and I was going to run out for 45 minutes and then head back. We walked to the main trail and the three girls headed out and soon disappeared. I was enjoying the trail and was soon warming up in my new shirt. Soon I was sweating and had to take off my fleece jacket - this shirt really works. On my return to the parking lot two deer were crossing the path. They stopped and looked at me, and then a bluebird flew across the path. It was my lucky day to be outside and see this instead of being in a warm comfy bed. I finished with 6.78 miles for the new year and waited in the car for the girls to return.
It was really nice to get to meet Kathryn, I am always inspired by her blogs. And a big thank you to Carin who supplied me with a bag of grapefruit picked from her tree. Thank you, Jenny, for making me get out and run.

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