Friday, January 1, 2010

DID IT !!!

My goal of 500 miles for the year was reached in Atlanta on December28th. Because the temperature was very cold, I used Katy's treadmill. Yesterday I was in Ocala, FL visiting my sister. It was a beautiful, sunny morning so I went out for a run. The last run of the year. It was fun running in a neighborhood where everything was new to see. Like lots of people on golf carts passing you by. By the time I got back to her house I had logged 4.75 miles, so my total miles for the year are 504.75. I was curious as to how far this would take me if I was doing a road trip. Thanks to Mark's help, I got to Germantown, TN, which is just outside Memphis. How cool is that ! I've even stayed there on some of the road trips my husband and I have done, so I know what a long drive it is from Dallas.
My goal for 2010 is to run 600 miles, who knows where I'll end up next year ?

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Christy said...

Way to go Mom!!!!