Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Cardio today at boot camp, five stations set up, a minute at each for five times. There was a new piece of equipment, the ropes, that I have seen used on Biggest Loser. It didn't look hard but it was. The rope is heavy and I could feel it in my triceps. I call it the Beast, after the Beast roller coaster, because it makes all these ups and downs in the rope as you yank it. The minute seemed like five. Besides the rope there was abs, box jump, incline walk @ 12 level and pushing the prowler.

I'm on day 5 of no bread . Yesterday I wanted a sandwich so used a large lettuce leaf and spread it with guacamole then cheese, tomato and turkey then put another leaf on top and folded it in half. It was quite tasty and I didn't miss the bread.

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Amy said...

Whoa, that looks hard! I never heard of that rope workout...