Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Saturday we met Jenny, Mark and the boys at the hotel in Cambridge, had lunch and then headed in to Boston to pick up the race packets.

Mark and Jenny purchased their Boston jackets. This took top priority. No one was going to go home without " the jacket".

Jenny is excited to get her packet. The expo was really busy so we didn't spend much time there.

Sunday we were to meet up with Mark's family at Quincy Market. We hung out with them and then all 12 of us went to dinner at Ricardo's in Little Italy. Of course the dinner of choice was pasta.

Monday morning dawned bright and sunny, Jenny and Mark had left the hotel at six to meet with Jamie and get the bus to the race start. Tom, Andy, Tom and I got breakfast at the hotel and then left around 9 to ride the T out to the 17th mile.

We had the T figured out and knew we would take the green line to Woodland.I was surprised at all the people lining the race course. Everyone was excited, lots of noise. The boys and I found a good spot to catch the runners as they passed.

We saw the girl all covered in some kind of weird costume, even her face was covered. I don't know how she ran like that.

We saw the elite runners go by. They make it look so easy.

I even noticed the no stopping sign behind us.

I was moved when the troops came marching through with full packs on their backs.

Finally my husband spotted Mark. I yelled his name and he looked but later he said he never saw us.

We waited to spot our daughter. She was wearing a blue shirt. We waited. There were a lot of blue shirts. Then my husband got an up-date. " We've missed her" he said. WHAT! I drove 1800 miles to Boston to watch my daughter run an elite race, one that you have to qualify for, and I missed her running. We never saw her cross the finish line, either. The crowds at the finish line were too thick to move through. Guess she'll have to do it again!

This was one of the best races to be a spectator. Everyone is cheering and the streets are lined with people. They said there were over 500,000 spectators lining the course. We all had a great time at the Boston Marathon.

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